Against the Grain with Brian Tracy, Judy van Niekerk & Others

Unlock Your Inner Technology

"I have committed my life to teaching powerful techniques to unlock the inner technology we all possess that dramatically changes your life and empowers you to succeed in life and business."

 Judy van Niekerk

Life and Business Strategist & Author 


Judy van Niekerk has committed her life to teaching people just like you how to unlock your powerful inner technology that will dramatically change your life, empowering you to be the best you can be. Live the life you love and earn great income doing what you love.

In Against the Grain you will learn powerful tools and techniques to win in today's changing economy. Successful entrepreneurs Brian Tracy, Judy van Niekerk and others share their secrets to empower YOU on your road to entrepreneurial success.

It is a formidable guide that will demonstrate a non traditional approach to attaining your entrepreneurial success.

In Against the Grain you will discover:

  • Exactly how entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches used non traditional methods to gain great levels of success.
  • How to unlock your inner technology.
  • How to make decisions that appear to be Against the Grain with great results.
  • How possessing a  participatory attitude to life powerfully creates success for you.

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